Eric Taylor, aka Mr Introducer

“From time-to-time we all need someone in whom we can trust. To have our best interests at heart, and who will guide us along the right path.” MrIntroducer



Eric Taylor aka Mr Introducer … A low-risk marketing and promotional aid providing valuable and personal business introductions for selected businesses.
Around 84% of B2B decision makers begin the buying process because of a referral. For many, the opinion of a knowledgeable or trusted source can make for a much better received recommendation than one gained from traditional ‘push’ marketing techniques. Simply relying on advertising is an unreliable and ineffective method of securing valuable business opportunities.
The power of referrals is becoming so recognised, that Business Networking groups are growing in popularity as a means to achieve this kind of sales opportunity.
Eric is a leading industry expert, with over 35 years’ experience in corporate sales and marketing support. An innovator of the referral technique, and an active business networker for over 15 years, with a trusted presence across several mainstream networking groups. His vast experience has seen him become a well-known name amongst business contacts within Cheshire and Derbyshire, extending across the whole of the UK. He assists businesses to discover new opportunities within a multitude of sectors.
With access to businesses requiring a range of services and products, waiting to be shown the right company to help them achieve their results, Eric draws upon his expansive contact base, using his invaluable knowledge and networking skills to promote their products.


Here are what some of those using Eric’s services have reflected upon:

Rob Waller

Future Life 


“Eric has been a fountain of ideas and help to me. I have found him to be very patient,thoughtful and sees things from different angles. If you are looking to market your small business I think you would be on to a winner getting Eric involved.”

Stefan Thomas


“I have done business with Eric several times and he is now my supplier of choice. Lots of people talk about customer service but Eric delivers it every time. His understanding of my needs and his ability to deliver on time, every time, makes Eric an invaluable part of my business now.”

Paul Norman

OrangeTree Online


“I have just had cause to use Eric’s services for OrangeTree Online. When you buy something, I guess one big requirement is that the transaction is not a big hassle. With Eric the hassle factor was zero.”

Jen Hinds 



“Eric is someone I would recommend to anyone for design, production and print, but also for general business advice and wisdom. Always willing to help others and give his time and guidance generously, he is also a very talented designer and marketer with huge knowledge of print and design.”